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Accounting procedures for small and medium companies.
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During the summer of 2011 I staid as a guest in London for 3 months in a HOUSE in which people lived together, contributing to the economic life of a community, paying a global rent to a LANDLORD.

That is when I started writing a first version of a home accounting-system based on consolidated accounting rules but to be used in a simple way by all RESIDENTS with 1 excel-file.

A pretty complex endevour, but with brilliant and very effective results, as you will see!

After several developments and a testing period, the final version is now available for download.

This professional accounting system [ all in 1 excel file – 10 MB size] can be personalized easily and fully, and is a simple and cheap alternative to be tried before buying any other ordinary accounting program. 

For simple and accurate bookkeeping procedures, this System includes: 

- cyclical bookkeeping of EXPENSES & INCOME
- monitoring of DEBITS and CREDITS of each RESIDENT
- current balance to LANDLORD
- monitoring of main FUNDS (cash / bank / building society /  communal reserves)
- any requested STATEMENT
- all variations from your BUDGET 

 Now also available


100% FREE to download:

If you want to start keeping your own budget, simply, on a yearly basis, only for a domestic use, download the following system. It can be used by 1 person, or by the whole family; you can use it and make a different copy every year. If you don't like it, you can simply delete it. By clicking the following link you can get more information and see some pictures of the file, then you can download it for FREE.

My Simple Bookkeeping 2.2


If you need more information, please feel free to contact me.

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