ACB 2.3 Advanced Communal Bookkeeping


There is not an easier and cheaper accounting system. This system is written with professional standards to be used without primary knowledge of excel or accounting rules.

Be free to download and start to use it with your real data; you will not loose any data entered.

After that, if you are satisfied, you can request your activation code that will unlock the file to be used further for the years to come. You will find inside the file all instructions.

Here - step by step - what you get inside but first of all the basic concepts of the System:

1) The HOUSE is an entity over residents. It has its own Financial Statements.
2) The HOUSE is liable its own to the LANDLORD.
3) RESIDENTS are debtors or creditors against the house. Their individual Profit & Loss have to be
    eventually considered in the My Simple Bookkiping 2.2 file.
4) All double-entry rules have been simplified into single.
5) All cyclic events must be encoded in order to let point 4 work.
We suggest you to download and try the System if its basic elements also meet your needs.
It is much easier to use than understanding from the pictures.
All further instructions will be better used to fully understand the file you can however start to use without any knowledge.
The System is made up of 10 sheets.
See them here inside one by one. Should the system not be perfect for you, ask for a customization.
10 fogli
All sheets are protected. The system works without any interference by you and without any entries of Excel functions.
        Marco Piccoli, tutti i diritti riservati.
Sunday the 19th.
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