Sheet 01 :   \ Introduction /
Enter first your personal details. This is what you find.
Enter your name here
After your:
Enter your name here II 
Enter LANDLORD'S name, starting date, ordinary time-base of your System and due amount. This is what you find.
After you:
Landlord II 
How long can I use 1 System?
It's up to you, you can also have 2 or more systems simultaneously. Let's see how and why.
With our previous settings the System does not enter any automatic record after 14/02/2016 
prima scadenza IIIIIII
Of course - if you prefer this way - it would mean no difference for the System
14 giorni II
Otherwise here is what you get trying different time-base:
Altre impostazioni temporali
This is not a trivial matter! Basically you do not have time limitations, you can use 1 system to store total amounts of several years (till 2088), and 1 system to enter weekly data for the current one. With a bit of confidence, possibilities are really very open for this System.
Let's see what happen when I get some change by my landlord during the life time of the System.
This is what you find:
Cambio periodo landlord
After you: 
Cambio periodo landlord II
So we finish to see the basic configurations for:
your personal details
terms of payment to a common landlord 
After this, the System requires the right configuration concerning DEBIT position of PERMANENT RESIDENT
living in "MY HOUSE". The System open automatically their debit position ADVANCED at any due date as you can set on the second part of this sheet.
The first window you see is almost only a reminder for the House.
Fattura landlord II
The second window is much more important and it is composed.
We have 3 different ways to charge our RESIDENT:
II -  FIXED AMOUNT at any due date - ALL RESIDENTS
FIXED + DIFFERENT. This option is meant to exceptional circumstances - for example in case of medium-term guests in the house to which a contribution-charge is requested. We will see later this case, let's focus now on the first two.
Here is basically what you have to understand to use properly this System.
 Opzione resident
Here is what we find after your typical configuration:
Area resident compilata
So we finish to see the basic configurations for:
After this, the System requires the last personal basic configuration. This one is meant for those more familiar with bookkeeping and only in case the HOUSE may consider that a RESIDENT can receive back money he has paid more when he leaves.
This is what you find to choose with the dropdown menu YES or NO:
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