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Let's see now WHO LIVES in the house and his/her BALANCE. Here is what you find:
 Resident II
40 residents at the same time may be administered by 1 system. For wider needs you can use more than one file. Let's see how the System works with some examples.
We suppose to have 4 permanent resident and 1 temporary guest.
Resident compilato II
99% of ordinary problems are covered automatically by this System. Special needs are also exceeded with a little bit of familiarity, to cover any requirement with this system. But remember also: you can use 1 file for permanent resident and 1 file anly for guest-contributors.
Let's see how the system works in our previous example.
Resident compilato III
As you know there are basically 3 WAYS to charge RESIDENTS. Here in this second example we see the last 2 ways contemporary.
We suppose to have the above example + 2 temporary guests.
Resident 2 compilato II
Let's see how the system works in this second example. 
Resident 2 compilato III
This is the COMMENTS you will also find inside this sheet:
Comments resident
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