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This sheet is meant as a tool to encode events of your typical running managment of the house.
In consideration of its double and repeating nature, which bookkeeping is always subject, this table is used to configure your own typical events, so to regulate later your daily bookkeeping and simplify it into a single line. Here is what you find.
40 lines available for your needs.
Typical records II
You will find inside suggestions you will change to better suit your needs. Let' see now a couple of that, which I' ve used for our example (no matter for blank lines).
Typical records compilato II
After 40 lines for your needs, we find down 4 default lines to use only at any beginning of a new file.
You can not change this area.
Typical records default
There is a third section in this sheet.
It is meant for movements between 2 of your FUNDS. Also in this case the System allows to enter it once. Automatically will be entered the opposite record as you here properly configure.
In our example we see, as typical record, a deposit from petty cash to our ordinary bank account. Normally you should enter 2 lines (out of the cash / into the bank) but the second one will be this way automatically entered by your System.
Let's see how the System sets this operation automatically.
Typical records TRANSFER II
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