Sheet 07 :   \ DAILY /
Finally here is where you enter your personal records.
"Daily" may be not the most appropriate name, since we know you can also enter here a weekly sum for each item of your plan, which you have daily entered in an additional sheet. Anyway you have here 1,500 lines available for your entries. Any value you put here, will be considered for your bookkeeping according to your previous settings.
Let's see what you find.
Daily II
Let's see now our first line.
Daily compilato II
Let's see now 3 lines more.
Daily righe compilate 
Down under these 1,500 lines to be used for your personal entries, there are 2 more tables we will see later.
It will be shown 2 statements to see how the system calculates RENT for the HOUSE and RENT for a requested RESIDENT. 
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